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Serious biometrics problem

(Topic created on: 18-01-2022 11:54 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I have a galaxy s20+ and after updating to android 12, my password and biometrics security menu stopped working because it won't take my gestures. Unlocking my phone with gesture works but i can't change it. After restarting the phone everything works as it should, but after  1 day i have the same problem again (i tried restarting atleast 3 times). Moreover, this problem is not only related to settings but also to apps I log in with biometrics and for some reason it also logs me out of instagram.

Thank you for your answers.

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Galaxy S20 Series

Please try some generic troubleshooting such as You may also need  to insert your earphones and or hook up to a laptop. No need to launch anything, just turn it on and 

as a last resort a back up and factory reset may need to be considered.

I updated my Fold 3 to Android 12 with Samsung One Ui 4 and the Biometrics side of things have been fine.

Send any error reports or feedback to Samsung via the Samsung Members App under the GetHelp section please. 

I wish you all the best. 

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