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S20 ultra cracked screen

(Topic created on: 25-12-2020 08:35 AM)
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Hello,  I'm just writing to inform of what I believe has to be a faulty screen . 


I have had Samsung's for most of my phones however after my experience with this phone I am definitely considering going to Apple.  


I have had my phone for approximately 3 months during this time since day one it has had an Otterbox symmetry case and glass screen protector . 

Firstly the back camera developed a small hairline crack which over time has expanded to spaning over the main camera. 

Secondly the device had fell from roughly 1 m and from further inspection the bottom right hand corner on the back of the device has also broke even though in case. 

Finally , the reason why I am writing this is that a couple of days ago my phone was knocked  of my nightstand lucky to be a metre tall onto my floor after , inspection the phone is now shattered across majority of the screen with an OLED bleed near the lock button resulting in that section of the phone being unresponsive at times. 


This is my second s20 ultra as my first one arrived already smashed from my phone company. I have always commended samsung for phone features however after this phone I am terrible disappointed with the quality of the phone , definitely not worth the ridiculous price for it. 

Samsung warranty does not cover phone screens broke which is ridiculous. 


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By your own admittance @Cassief238 the phone had sustained a couple of accidental bumps / drops.


Even with a case damage can occur due to the angle and type of floor the phone drops onto.


The first phone was damaged in transit or so it sounds so Samsung can't really be blamed for this as it happens as the package is handled several times probably in different depots by sorting machines,  handlers and delivery drivers / couriers.


Damaged screens are not limited to Samsung phones , believe me when I say I've owned several models and makes and helped in hundreds of similar posts. Samsung provide a great deal of Samsung displays to Apple for iPhone's too.


Yes accidental damage isn't covered under the Samsung warranty and unfortunately any repair under these circumstances would levy a charge.


Having the phone in a case and with a screen protector does not guarantee that damage won't occur if you drop the phone.


That's why phone case manufacturers won't cover the cost of a repair.


You could look at any available phone insurance or home contents insurance you may have that covers a phone repair.


No-one wants to have to go through the cost of having a phone repaired or replaced and I wish you all the best with this. 



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