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S20 issues with whats up and wireless connection

(Topic created on: 25-03-2020 02:54 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

Hello, I have 2 issues


1: I use whatsup a lot and sometimes when I receive whatsup voice message phone for some reason starts to play it very quietly. Even all previously received messages which were ok before, after this are played quietly. When I do phone reset - it gopes back to normal. Then a few days later the same issue ;/


2. When I listen to music (for on Spotify) on wireless headphones, and then I receive call on whatsup - phones switches music output to phone (instead of keeping it on headset). This is very annoying.  I cannot even find an option on Android Whatsup to turn it back to headset. When I swipe down and go into Multimedia option - to change it within Samsung system - there is only Spotify - and I cannot select output to headphones.


Anybody experience similiar issues?