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S20 FE is a total mess!

(Topic created on: 24-02-2021 05:03 AM)
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The cursor also jumps up 4 or 5 lines when I am using the microphone just like it did with my LG v30, so it has to be a Google issue. 

It repeated 3 lines of text 15 times with just one stroke making a correction.

My screen FREEZES way too often.

I still have problems copying and pasting just like I did with my old smartphone so it has to be a Google issue.

It keeps  initial capping multiple words in the middle of sentences that I am forever having to go back and make lowercase, but that initial capping in the middle of sentences was also on my last smartphone which makes me think this one is a Google problem. I finally had to turn off Auto Captitalize Because it was so frequent in every sentence. Now, it will not captitalize the beginning of sentences!

Why don't they ever have past tense words ending in "ed" as options?

It regularly types 8 instead of ate and own instead of on when I use the microphone.

The 1st mention of a dictated sentence always have a space in front of it instead of the prior sentence having a period and a space after it? So when I am dictating a new paragraph, I am always having to go back and get rid of the space.

I use the microphone for most of what I do instead of typing and it doesn't type over 50% of what I say. So between having to repeat what I say sometimes three or four times and correcting words that shouldn't have been capitalized and backspacing to remove spaces shouldn't be there, and always having to correct wrong wordst typed using microphone or inserting multiple words that I didn't say, it is a total waste of my time.

It does not seem to recognize basic punctuation, like using commas and periods! I am for ever having to go back and delete the words to replace them with punctuation.

When I click to highlight something, the highlighter jumps way UP the page instead of staying on the word I clicked, so I am forever having to go way way up to page to retrieve it and bring it back down to where I wanted to go -- where I clicked instead of up.

It doesn't add a space after a word when I start typing a word and then click on a pop-up of that word. And if I don't catch it and add the space myself then all the words run together.

When I go to correct a typo and it pops up with the correct spelling, it repeats it without removing the other part of the word. So it has to be erased. And, sometimes when I click to accept a pop-up spelling of a word, it erases the next word so I have to retype it.

When I use the microphone, it very commonly types multiple words multiple times that I am forever having to erase.

WORST OF ALL, is their Contacts app - white shoulders with a yellow head and an orange background.  When I bought the phone and had everything transferred, the contacts seem to have been saved to the Phone. After making multiple calls, Samsung was able to get my contacts transferred to Google. But all the groups I set up are still on the Phone but not in  Google where I backup my Contacts to. And to make it worse, Verizon convinced me to try to add my contacts to Verizon Cloud which was even worse.  I don't know if everyone else has it in this app but there appears to be something called Linked Contacts at the bottom of every contact. One for the Verizon, 1 for Google and 1 for Verizon.  Best some of them are in there, 4, 5, 6 or 7 times.  Multiples for each or some.  And if I try and delete one of the Linked Accounts, it adds it as a permanent contact that cannot be deleted. And if I try and delete one of the linked accounts come it adds it is a permanent contact that cannot be deleted! [ See there, it repeated a sentence and it typed come instead of a comma!] And the # of total Contacts and on Gmail and Vz are all different.  And for some strange reason, not all contacts save to "My contacts" which may be the reason why the numbers don't match between the three places where contacts are backed up to. 

THIS PHONE HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE. When I post this, I will probably think of something I missed.

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I have a galaxy s20, just the basic one, it causes me so many headaches, I've been a loyal galaxy owner for about 15 years, but will look elsewhere for my next phone
I was actually happy when the screen was smashed last week as I hate it so much.
constantly freezes, sometimes you press one button & hold it to do a soft restart, other times it brings up Bixby.
I've lost count of the times I've nearly launched it at a wall.
in contract til July 2022.
@£50 a month also🤬