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S20 exynos - wth is wrong with this phone

(Topic created on: 20-04-2020 12:56 PM)

Okay, so I have the s20 exynos version, pre-ordered it and was a 3 year update from my galaxy note 8. First thing when I got the phone in my hands, it starts warming up - pretty usual for new phones since loads of downloads and syncing in progress- Now, I live in India and the temperatures in March-April are anywhere around 35 degrees celsius. Next thing I know the phone becomes almost impossible to hold, I checked temps they were around 44 degrees. I still gave it another shot - did a factory reset, removed all apps that I did not need, turned on adaptive brightness, turned off mobile data since I use it with wifi all the time. It got a little better for a few days. The list of problems seems to be unending with this thing. I will actually create a list of issues I am having with this piece of "flagship" - 

  1. Heats - As we all know, takes no time to get to 40 degrees where I live(ambient around 40 too atm but other phones do not)
  2. Seems to have iffy wifi connection - Whenever I am on phone for -say - longer than 20 minutes, the wifi just stops working, need to reconnect to make it work again
  3. The camera app heats this phone faster than my induction cooktop heats and that is designed for that
  4. Youtube videos,  whatsapp, facebook - basic apps basically - turn the phone into a gentle hand warmer
  5. Battery life is miserable - outright miserable. I am talking 3.5 hrs SOT under good load and 4 hours under NOT HEAVY load
  6. Camera quality too seems to be average at times, the dynamic range when inside and shooting out of a window usually blows stuff up(not heat wise this time-thankfully)

This will be my last samsung ever, I was so looking forward to a samsung camera and a 120 hz dispay but that goes to 60 hz faster than a racing bullet. So disappointed in samsung, it was a 3 year update and with all the hype I had, I am just DISAPPOINTED.



Wow, that's terrible. I'd return it, I have the S20 plus exynos and have non of those issues. Sorry,hope you get this sorted pal.
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they dont let you return ***** in india