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S20+ 5G Exynos - phone reboots when quick settings panel is open since the ONEUI4 update

(Topic created on: 21-01-2022 10:20 AM)
Galaxy S20 Series

Hi all, I have the following issue since installing the One UI 4 update:

When the quick settings panel is opened, the phone freezes then makes a quick restart - the screen goes off, I see the Samsung logo then after about 10 seconds I get a notification that the phone restarted. After this, some of the app stuck on the splash screen and won't start, Instagram being one example. The phone gets warm and the battery drains very quickly. Manually restarting the phone fixes the problem unless I pull the quick settings panel down. There are no 3rd party switches in the quick panel.

The issue does not happen every time but very often. It seems kinda random.

Yesterday I got another update which contains the January security patch. I also wiped the cache partition, neither fixed the issue. However I cannot seem to be able to reproduce the problem in Safe mode. 

I have submitted a ticket via Samsung Members where I was notified of a forced restart and uploaded the log.

Any comment or idea would be greatly appreciated as this is very annoying.

Galaxy S20 Series

So seems like apps not starting after a hot restart is a separate issue.

My phone is set to restart every Saturday night and after that I had the same problem. Instagram is stuck on the splash screen, Galaxy store shows only a black screen. Manually restarting fixes the problem... 

I know, factory reset...