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Otg/sd card reader not recognised anymore

(Topic created on: 12-04-2023 07:19 PM)
Been using an anker usb sd card reader for a while now and it's fantastic to copy all my go pro footage to my Samsung galaxy s20fe phone and its extremely fast. However gone to use it today and my phone doesn't recognise it anymore 😢. I have tried my 2nd one as I have 2 and that's the same. Has anyone experienced this and found a fix. I edit all my footage from my phone so it's a bummer that it does not work anymore. I suppose my only other option is to keep swapping my phones sd card with the go pros but that will be a pain. 🙄. Phone technical support but they were not helpful at all ( they didn't even know what an otg reader is ). It seems as if they have removed that feature in the last firmware update 🙄