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Not able to type Tamil Alphabets in my S20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 23-08-2020 06:07 AM)
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I downloaded the input language "Tamil" from the mange input language section and enabled English and Tamil as input languages. I could change the input language easily with a swipe on the space bar. I could type in Tamil either using full-size Tamil Keyboard or using the phonetic keyboard but when I use the full-size Tamil Keyboard, the 12 Tamil alphabets are not enabled in the keyboard!!!! I am not sure why would Samsung provide the option to download the Tamil keyboard but not enable the 12 alphabets of this language???!!!! If I download any other Tamil keyboard option from Playstore and enable it, then I get a warning message saying these keyboards may be able to collect all the text you type including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers!! Tamil is the oldest surviving language spoken in India, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore and in many other countries and just don't understand why Tamil alphabets are not allowed to be used in the Samsung Tamil Keyboard!!!!


I am hoping that my post regarding this doesn't just stay in the community forum but reaches Samsung as well so necessary action can be taken to enable the Tamil alphabets in the Samsung language input function...