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Improve 'hold to record' shutter button in Camera App

(Topic created on: 02-01-2021 10:01 PM)
As some of you may know when you hold the shutter button down it starts recording a video, it's a nice handy feature but I think it could be improved a bit, small inspiration from the iOS camera. 

On iOS you can hold the shutter button to record video as well but you can also swipe right to lock the video, so if you change your mind and you want to record a longer video than intended, rather than tirelessly holding the button you can simply swipe right and lock it in, let go and relax!

Also while we're on this topic, please inspect the video attached, you'll notice how fluid and responsive the animations are, on Samsung there's about a 1 second delay and choppy lag when holding shutter button to record and when letting go to stop recording. It isn't as snappy or fluid as the iOS camera.

Would massively appreciate if the lock video feature can be introduced and would love if the camera app could be optimised like iOS's one so it's fast and responsive with no delay or lag!

Quick Take iOS demonstration - swipe right to lock video

First Poster

Same feeling.  Samsung's camera is great, but their camera app sucks.  I tried to disable the "hold to record" function because every time I accidentally hold it, there will be 2 times of lagging like you described (very annoying), and made me miss the window of the perfect picture.  How about a small red record button placed well appart from the main sutter button, just to avoid it?