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Finger Print on Samsung s20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 03-08-2020 09:34 PM)
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I can not believe how pathetic the fingerprint sensor on s20 ultra is. 

I mean, I upgraded from oneplus 7 pro and boy, am I disappointed! 

How come this phone is three times the price but pathetic as hell? I tried everything, registering fingerprints multiple times and battery optimization and what . What's the use of buying a 1400$ phone if you have to be so frustrated with it and it can't compete your 2 years old 300$ phone? 

And don't get me started on how it overheats and a pathetic focus system in the's so frustrating and disappointing. 

Worst mistake...returing this pos as soon as possible. 

please don't buy this phone


Ok I won't 😁
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A couple of tips I picked up when setting up the finger prints are.


When setting up take x3 scans with each thumb and then rotate the phone around when taking further prints of each thumb so your phone can read both thumbs from the same finger print scan. Scan your prints as you would normally hold the phone.


Also using two fingers when setting up one fingerprint works pretty well.


Go into Settings . Biometrics and Security.  Biometrics Preferences . Turn Off Screen Transition Effect.


Then go into Settings and search for Optomise Battery Usage. Tap in Optimise  Battey Usage  tap to show All and scroll down to and toggle Off


For me this improved the fps on my Note 10+ 5G which I appreciate is a different model to yours but should be the same outcome- hopefully.


I also have dry skin on my fingers and so find it sometimes beneficial to moisten my fingertip before unlocking the phone.


Is the phone overheating with general use or when your gaming perhaps  ?


Does the phone have a Snapdragon or Exynos Chipset  ?


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic test.


I'm sorry to learn your unhappy with the phone and whatever avenue you choose I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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I was considering upgrading from the s10 to s20 but its nearly like an s10 clone, same issues and camera isn't much better from the reviews People post, I'll hold off now, maybe the s30 might improve all these things but band of brothers tips helped my phone unlock a better you could try it
yeah same problem. s20 ultra uses ultrasonic to read fingerprint. which doesn't work that well. but issue solved when I registered multiple fingerprints with the same thumb. it means it can pick up more variants in position so it unlocks first time.