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Cannot switch Whatsapp call output to my bluetooth earphones on Samsung S20 fE

(Topic created on: 30-11-2023 02:54 PM)
First Poster

Hello Community,

I noticed that if I start a call on Whatsapp on my S20 FE and would like to switch output to my bluetooth earphones during the call, it wouldn't work. The earphones would connect to the phone and I would see the bluetooth icon on the call, but I wouldn't be able to click on it. However if i start the call already connected to my earphones, I wouldn't have any issues.

I have tried:

1. Several bluetooth earphones

2.Unpairing and repairing

3. Clearing cache, clearing storage and reinstalling Whatsapp

4. Activating Nearby devices permission for Whatsapp

5. Restarting my phone

Once again the important points:

1) (all) the earphones connect to the phone

2) (all) the earphones work with Whatsapp calls as long as I start the call with them already connected

3) issue is if i pick up the call before connecting the bluetooth earphones then I cannot change call output to the earphones and then I have to end the call and start again

Please please please can anyone proffer any other solution to me except resetting my phone? Thanks people