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Camera quality downgraded after Android 12 / One UI 4 update

(Topic created on: 10-02-2022 07:17 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I have a S20+ 5G. I've noticed that since updated to Android 12 the quality of the camera has decreased.

- The colours seem very washed out. Everything looks more desaturated.

- The pictures seem more blurry, especially when shooting in the 64MP mode. Zooming in on a captured photo in this mode used to be quite crisp, but now it looks like there is some sort of oil painting filter going on in the details.

- The colours of the rear camera add a yellow tint, especially to skin tones.

- The front camera is super washed out, especially to skin tones.

I brought this phone purely based on its camera. It's disappointing to say the least to see the quality of it now after this update.