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A little patience goes a long way ... give the S20 teething problems some time to get fixed !

(Topic created on: 12-03-2020 10:09 PM)

I sit and read the forums regularly and i am particularly interested in reading the S20 feedback from others...


Last year I purchased the S10+ on preorder, but not the S20 this year.  Last year and every new phone release that I can remember, there are teething problems with a new phone to market.  I cannot think of any recent release that has not had some minor problems, a few software bugs, and some person(s) complaining about their new hardware.


This is the price you pay to be the first to have the newest tech on pre-order day... and perhaps you will have to wait a few months for some software updates to be pushed to fix those niggles.  Last year there was similar panic that the phone wasn't quite up to some functions, many threats to return hardware, and complaints galore.   


Just be patient people... Samsung will fix the bugs and issue a new software release to fix the majority of your complaints. 


p.s.  Forums generally are all about negative comments, as many people don't post their good points, only their bad.   I am interested in any positive comments on the S20 range.  Come on guys...tell me what is great about this phone !  :smiling-face: 




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I get your point and if these were definitely just software issues I would agree. The problem is that when it comes to something like the camera sensors, as an end user there's no way of really knowing that they are software issues (and therefore patchable). As a software engineer myself I have a good tolerance for software issues on new products as I do understand how difficult it can be to track down and fix every bug - especially on a phone which must have so many variables to consider. But at this stage I don't know if the issues truly are software ones. When you pair that with the fact that we've spent a lot of money on these devices, and the fact that if you're on the upgrade programme you now only have 7 days to return your device, you realise you're going to have to make a decision very quickly - do you take the safe option and reluctantly return the device, or do you hold on, hand back your fantastic old phone (which you won't be able to get back again) and trust Samsung that these are patchable software issues.


That all being said, I have had a positive response from Samsung when contacting their support on Facebook and they certainly seem aware of the camera issues as when I asked them about it, they referred to extra issues that I hadn't even mentioned. I trust that they're working on it, I just hope for everyone's sake it's all fixable with software.


Anyway, some positive stuff about the S20 Ultra!


This phone is CHONKY - but I'm actually really liking that. I have large enough hands to be able to use it one handed but its size has encouraged me to use it 2 handed more and it's very comfortable to use like that. In terms of size I do wish it was slightly thinner and lighter but you can't have everything and I think the extra chonk is a good compromise for a larger battery (and insane camera, once it works properly).


The screen is beautiful. 120hz really does feel incredible to use and I think I'd find it difficult to go back now.


Also they have reduced the severity of the curves on the side of the screen, which to me makes it feel more usable. I always found that the edge screens on these devices looked pretty but could be quite impractical as I'd often end up accidentally touching it with the side of my hand.


It's fast. I've very rarely seen any hiccups on this it just works and multitasks very well.


So far (I get that it's still early) but the battery life seems pretty great.


Some reviews said that the fingerprint sensor was slow or hard to find but I got used to it very quickly and have found it to be incredibly fast and easy to use. I feel that it is more responsive than on my S10 Plus and is actually in a better position a little higher up.


All in all I do really like this phone I'm just a little concerned that the issues present with the camera aren't patchable. Hopefully they are but I will believe it when I see it.