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S20 Ultra camera issues and limitations




The purpose of this post is to understand whether anyone has been able to mitigate or successfully resolve any of these issues or if unresolvable technically, successfully resolved it through other means (given the return window has passed).


All these observed with the 1 May version (ATE3 baseband / ATE6 build, camera

- Autofocus issues, especially with objects closer than 30 cm, it can physically focus but misses focus most of the time. Results in a lot of shots being out of focus.
- Generally poor focus even at distant objects (3m ish), even if face tracking identifies a face, half of pictures focus on the background.

- Shutter lag is very noticeable

- The above means that the ability to snap shot is limited and often results in out of focus pictures on a variety of subjects.


- Focusing in video is suffering from similar issues, have to constantly manually refocus. The focus transition is very sharp and often results in hunting. On a positive note, some of the autofocus glitches with hunting was a lot worse in previous versions and seems to have improved.
- Poor focusing in low light, low light performance in general is not impressive, especially video.
- Way too heavy NR on telelens, prefer noisy but high detail. I need to be able to turn this off, the preview looks better than the actual photo and you see when the heavy handed NR kicks in half a second later. 

- No RAW unless in pro mode
- PRO mode doesn't support 108Mpx or tele lenses
- SD card storage for 4k60fps, seems to be a hard coded option regardless of card speed, or is it the interface speed that limits?


The focusing issues are really a dealbreaker with this phone, so is not being able to shoot in pro mode with all cameras and having heavy NR forced on you on the telelens. For a flagship camera phone advertised for this purpose and at this price point I would say that this in aggregate is enough basis to claim that this phone does not work as advertised but I would be interested in hearing your experiences.




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