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wrong number showing

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Just wondering if anyone knows why my phone number is wrong in Samsung Members. 
When I clicked on the giveaway today and it shows the information to confirm everything except my number is correct. I can't seem to find a way to change this. My number is also correct everywhere else and the sim card was already attached to my number before it was added to the phone.

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I've got the same issue. Can't change number in settings.
yeah there isn't even a setuon in setting to do it is there?
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Well, if there is, I can't find it. 🤣 Hopefully someone can tell us how to change it Hevvva.
in samsung members you have to register your devices and phone numbers. if you have more than one you have to register them individually and then select the product before progressing in members. if the number is wrong, delete the phone then re add with correct details
where do I do this? I looked in settings but it isn't there
Same problem and it's f#@king annoying!!!!!
Apparently as long as your email is correct thats all that matters. Thats what the guy I spoke to from Samsung members said anyway
I get competition invitations each month from Samsung members. Prior to entering I am asked to confirm my personal details. which are all correct except for my phone number! There's no way to change the number. I am tech minded, and have looked everywhere on the phone. My phone number is correct with the corresponding email account associated with Samsung members. So that theory is incorrect.
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