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WiFi Calling issues


Dear @Samsung, I live in a property wich has very poor mobile signal and cannot make a phone call indoors. If I stand in the garden I can mainly make a phone call.

This IS ALL mobile operators, I have tried every operator.


Since upgrading to the S20 5G ultra, things have gone downhill so far I am making my first ever contact after years of being a samsung owner.

Note, things were not perfect before but they seem worse now (previously the S8+)


The Problem:

Being on the edge of reception, LTE is as good as it gets indoors, my phone triese to make a call and flicks between Wi-Fi calling and non-wifi calling.

This constantly loses contact with the other person on the phone call for several seconds throughout a call. 


If I turn wifi off on my phone, I can make a call when in the garden or certain parts of the house (not ideal in winter or rain).

That is why I prefer wi-fi calling to be enabled.


If I turn wi-fi on, my phone calls are impossible. Losing contact with the other party as the phone software constantly attempts to switch between wifi and cellular calling.


The solution:-

DONT just allows users to turn wi-fi calling on or off!


DO allow users to choose if wifi is available, it MUST connect through wifi when available!

DO stop the software attemting to switch between wifi or cellular calls

DO make the phone call continue on whatever basis the call started


STOP trying to be too clever in SWITCHING between cellular or wifi calls DURING A CALL


I have had the same issue with my S20 Plus. It doesn't recognize the Wi-Fi preference under Wi-Fi calling. If there is just one cellular bar it will try unsuccessfully to connect to that. The Airplane mode trick does work, but what a pain for a high end phone. Samsung has made some critical errors over the years with upgrades on their phones. The best phone was the S 5, it had a replaceable battery and memory card. the phone would last for ever. They got rid of that right away! 

If you talk to developers, they have struggled coming up with game changing improvements other than cameras and battery life. There has been some processor speed advances, but some glitches too. After years of Samsung loyalty I have to switch phones.  Really disappointed.

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Having the exact same issue since I bought the s20 a month ago. I've worked on the phone and in the tmobile store to get it to stop swapping but haven't found a solution. 


Then, a few software updates ago, the phone started sending me a notification EVERY TIME it switches from cellular to Wifi. "Tmobile has optimized your wifi calling..." or something to that degree. I get the notification everywhere I go, about 15 times AN HOUR. I cannot even turn them off. It's driving me completely insane. I have to turn all of my notification sounds and vibration off because my phone will buzz all day long and it's just this stupid wifi calling notification.

My phone is a 1000$ brick. 

Tmobile is allowing me to exchange the phone for another s20. If it doesn't resolve the issue then tmobile is going to allow me to swap the phone for another series. I love Samsung, I hate Apple. But I don't see another choice if this issue continues.


It seems my phone needs to be close the router to reconnect WiFi calling, even though it shows full signal strength across my whole flat so this would suggest some bug where it tries to switch to cellular. Very poor software

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I'm having the same issues with my s20 plus. So frustrating, what can we do??


Having the same issue with Samsung a41.. wi-fi call only turns on after i restart my phone or on airplane mode..

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to start off, i will say I haven't these issues that everyone is posting...I've had spotty service.  With that said, the issues I've seen have been -- sporadic connectivity over wifi calling and being able to receive or place phone calls...and then the aggrevating issue of sending/receiving texts.  sometimes they will send, other times, they send immediately and quickly i might add.  As for recieving texts, there are times I get them as soon as one is sent to me...other times, I get about 10 that come in at once with about a 2 hour time window in which they were sent.


Because of this, over the past 3-4 months, i have spent time in playing with settings, tweaking firewall rules etc, which this link explains it well ]


Finally, i decided to checkout the packets/the traffic etc and did some packet captures.  What I noticed was it appears as tho when I immediately connect to wifi, the system sets up the ipsec tunnel.  If during this time any of the aforementioned actions take place, the tunnel remains up and working.  From a packet capture, it appears isakmp requests and responses are sent, tunnel keepalives and heartbeats flow as they should.  However, after you drop the call, the tunnel seems to time out and for whatever issue, you start getting packet/ESP sequencing errors...during this time, I had noticed this is when the calling and texting gets to be unstable.  If I disconnect from wifi, and reconnect, it appears the tunnel is renegotiated and comes back to life (provided the existing session is removed from your firewalls memory). 


In conclusion, i feel the Android OS is having the issue with regards to the tunnel timing out.  I want to say the tunnel times out around 5 mins of being completely active...once is disconnects the ipsec tunnel, I'm not sure if it releases any of the sessions or not it previously had, so those sessions get stuck in memory. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has looked this deep into it.  If someone has, see if you can't replicate the same issues as I had/discovered.  perhaps they can expand more on it or see something else i wasn't able to.


Either way -- the developers need to start looking at the way the wifi calling is done and come up with a better way of how the tunnel is kept alive...something not right here.

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I have also had this issue since the note 8.


However... the S7 never had this problem..


I have emailed the CEO escalations... who did the usual fob off.


So i have linked this thread and sent a reply stating im not the only one with this problem!


Hopefully something may get fixed but not holding my breath

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Hello, I was wondering why on the Samsung S20 FE 4G phone the WFI calling toggle is missing.  I seem to have found my answer here so thanks.  I am assuming its a software issue. I traded in my S9+ which worked perfectly.  Is my assumption correct?  Thanks

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