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WiFi Calling issues


Dear @Samsung, I live in a property wich has very poor mobile signal and cannot make a phone call indoors. If I stand in the garden I can mainly make a phone call.

This IS ALL mobile operators, I have tried every operator.


Since upgrading to the S20 5G ultra, things have gone downhill so far I am making my first ever contact after years of being a samsung owner.

Note, things were not perfect before but they seem worse now (previously the S8+)


The Problem:

Being on the edge of reception, LTE is as good as it gets indoors, my phone triese to make a call and flicks between Wi-Fi calling and non-wifi calling.

This constantly loses contact with the other person on the phone call for several seconds throughout a call. 


If I turn wifi off on my phone, I can make a call when in the garden or certain parts of the house (not ideal in winter or rain).

That is why I prefer wi-fi calling to be enabled.


If I turn wi-fi on, my phone calls are impossible. Losing contact with the other party as the phone software constantly attempts to switch between wifi and cellular calling.


The solution:-

DONT just allows users to turn wi-fi calling on or off!


DO allow users to choose if wifi is available, it MUST connect through wifi when available!

DO stop the software attemting to switch between wifi or cellular calls

DO make the phone call continue on whatever basis the call started


STOP trying to be too clever in SWITCHING between cellular or wifi calls DURING A CALL

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Did you try on airplane mode ? Because I have this problem too and i need a solution for this.


Airplane mode would turn off the ability to make call.


Problem continues, my solution so far is to turn wifi off and stand in the garden to make a call.



(the old S8+ I used to wait untill the S8+ showed the wifi calling icon before initiating a call, this no longer works as it seems to flick between wifi and regular calls during a call and leaves big voids in my telephone conversations).


Never thought I would have to move to another brand but at £1400 for me S20 Ultra, this isn't good enough!


I can use VoWifi on airplane mode but it still disconnecting after 2 min . And my wifi quality is %95-100






You are correct Kerem, thanks for the tip.


I just tried aeroplane mode (I had to also turn WiFi on manually obviously but mention it for benefit of other users reading this), and it works fine. 


The problem remains though that on leaving a WiFi connected location, I would have to remember to turn aeroplane mode off again.


#samsung need to fix this technical issue.



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Anyone find a way to either fix this or to contact Samsung.

This is huge issue and makes very expensive phones into bricks


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Samsung admits that this is a problem with their programming on the S20 phones, at least unlocked ones. It will not allow wi-fi calling when there is any cellular signal available, no matter how poor that signal is, and no matter that the signal cannot carry a call.


They also say they cannot speculate when, if ever, they will fix this.  They will 'pass it on to the developers' in hopes they may fix it someday.


Clearly the S20 series are $1,000 plus bricks for a lot of people.


Be warned.  Longtime Samsung customer about to leave the family....


Tom, I'm experiencing the same problem with the S20.


The phone is worse than the S8 and is totally unusable in a poor signal area


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I have the exact same issue.  Worked fine on the note 8, horrible on the note 10 and now the note 20.  If it would just stay on wifi calling I would be fine.

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I have the same issue, just upgraded from s9 which would stay on wifi calling and not attempt to switch, it worked perfectly. I run my own business from home and live in a remote village, wifi calling for me is essential. Does anyone have a solution as if not I'm going to have to return it, shame as its a nice phone!
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