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Who is returning there device ?


So I made the decision to return my s20 ultra as I think it's just an overpriced hyped up piece of ***** with constant problems that should have been amended prior to release just another overpriced device put out fast to please shareholders. So as title says who has or is planning on returning there device it can't just be me seen a few people complaining on forums. I have even switched to Apple 🙄 no problems yet. Also profile pic is just for the wind up.


I'm returning the Ultra but keeping the Plus 


I'm returning mine as also ave several issues but am having issues - I have spone to Samsung and currently even they don't know what's going on due to the shutdown. 

I was also told that as I have opned the phone and used it, it is not refundable but only can be exchanged or repaired - I said that cant be true as the thing is faulty.

Anyway, how are you returning yours? I bought mine from the Samsung Store in Stratford Westfield.

I got mine online both times from Samsung and they have a returns policy of 28 days from delivery
Also online you wold have distance selling act - one of the reasons I refuse to buy anything expensive in actual stores!

I have 30 days as stated in the order receipt but it does state that if opened, and exchange, repair or refund can be given if not working correctly - let's see what happens

Interesting , I think the online rules are different because of distance selling etc

I have just had Samsung confirm I am ok to return even if opened -  I knew this as I have done it before but you got me worried :- )  Especially having purchased an Ultra and a Plus!


Mate, the whole thing is messed up at the moment due to the corona virus shutdown - but the chap on the phone did tell me that Samsung will sort this out and come out with new procedures, etc soon. They will help their customers and he did try to reassure me of this.

I guess it's a matter of time and also you may be right online works differently. but even still, if the product is faulty, it should be able to be refunded back, no matter where it has been bought.


Found these articles online which may help: (read the 30 day return paragraph which explains our right)

We'll hope you all get your money back ASAP especially in times like these every penny counts.

Hey mate, 


Can you please tell me which email address you sent the details to for confirmation?

I just notified the social media team last night that I am rejecting the device and want a refund back, and I am informing them of it as they are Samsung UK - I have also informed my credit card company.


I used live chat to advise them then had to use Royal Mail tracker 24hr as DPD have stopped in my area. Long as you fill out the returns note and send it to returns address tracked you will be ok plus you are insured through your credit card also 

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