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S20 PWM dimming

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I really think it is the time for samsung at least to give consumer a choice to choose DC dimming

PWM dimming is pretty uncomfortable to some people, including me.


second this


I just got an s20 ultimate and noticed everytime I use the phone in my hand longer than 10 minutes or so my eyes start watering and have trouble focusing. 


I have never had this problem before and found out that some phones with amoled screens give the option to use DC dimming because some people are sensitive to the pwm flicker.


I can actually see the flicker by shaking the phone in front of me... this is annoying.


Bro, I am having this problem also. Having I frontal headaches which becomes a migraine where one side of my head hurts. Then I get a little dizzy and giddy and have trouble focusing. So how are you? Do you recommend me to return the phone? I am also using Samsung S20 in Singapore.


I can see some flicker when I dont look at the Samsung S20 for a while and take a close peek at it, the PWM! Omg, How / what should I do at this stage man? I needa convince my parents about this asap!


samsung doesn't even deign to give an answer it's very serious means they have a serious problem and can't confirm it

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I have a samsung s20+ and a50...with amoled...and pwm is used.


What is different though is the point at which pwm is used to decrease brightness.


35% is the above that...we are safe from the world of pain.


But you know what cutoff is for s20 plus???


100% it is full throttle from the highest to ths lowest.


Even iphones have cutoff around 50%.


Why cant they just improve the cutoff for pwm or is color accuracy more important than our eyes?


Things as may be...before dc dimming, even if samsung just looks at the other phones it makes...we'll be well mentally.


Just for ref.

Both phones at 100%


Both at 50%


Both at 35%


and last: 0%


 I mean...cummon Sammy... I'm dying out here.


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