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One UI 2.5

Hi guys, so now that the Galaxy Note 20 & Tab S7 have been released with One UI 2.5; how long will it be for the rest of us to receive the update? 
I owe the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Tab S5e and eagerly awaiting. 
Come on Samsung! 😀

this is rolling out already for the S20's range in selected European markets

more countries will have it soon :smiling-face: 

Are you saying you have had the update on S20 or.....? I have an unlocked S20 Ultra and haven't even had the August security update yet, never mind full software update 🙄

i dont have it yet - i have the august update however 

as with samsung - this rolls out in stages - unlocked variants in Europe and Asia will always get it first, then carrier one ad then you will get it at some point - DK when - but the update is out today!

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Has all the Samsung range got one ui 2.5

Because I don't have mine updated to one ui 2.5

What phone do you have?

Galaxy S20+ G986B/DS Enterprise Edition (EE) Unlocked "UI 2.5"
Update - got the update last week
currently rolling out on S10 series. awaiting for update to reach my Galaxy tab S5e


My phone is galaxy S20 5g G9810 

Vodafone unlocked



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