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Notifications not working on mobile data

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Can anyone help???


Im not reciving notifications when on 4g,  yet when I go on WiFi, all of my notifications then pop up at once???


The best example of this is on WhatsApp. When I go onto the app the unread messages then show up (like it's just refreshed) but if someone calls me or messages me on WhatsApp I won't receive a notification unless I'm on the app? I've tried looking in the settings and everything seems to be enabled and I havent set anything to sleep or save data. Ive also tried restarting the phone. Ive just switched to the s20 5g from my old s9 and never had an issue on my s9.


Forgot to @Jook , incase it doesn't let u know :winking-face:


Just noticed, your who I must of got it from lol. I've done that much Googling and read that many forums heads all over lol, cheers @Jook. Still need to get hold of Three to get it sorted though


Hi @Heskatron , thanks for the reply.


I bought my phone direct from three online on contract.  I got through to them today on chat and they have washed their hands on the whole situation with regards to replacing this phone.  Because of the lockdown restrictions I did not even notice an issue with the mobile data for a while, so have gone past their 14 day cooling off period. They clearly don't care about their customers, so I will not buy another phone from them again. My only resolution now will be with Samsung directly.   I really hope this is something that will be fixed via a firmware update.


I had tried changing it from 5G/LTE to LTE/3G with the same problem last week.  Earlier today I tried changing it to 3G/2G like you just suggested and it did seem OK.  A workaround if this works, but not ideal given its a 5G phone.  I also tried the sim in my Samsung S10 and it worked perfectly so I know it is not the sim.  It looks like a 4G problem.


I have compared the APN settings between the phones and they are identical. Except for Data roaming which on my S10 is set to "All networks" and is "Disable" on the S20 which I probably changed in the past.  So I don't think you'll have anything set wrong.


Please keep this thread updated or message me if you do get a resolution from three and I'll do the same if I get a response from Samsung.


I've popped sim in my old S7 and seemed fine. Defo something with Threes 4G on these.

Yeah ill update on here if get it sorted bud stay safe


Hi @Jook,

So I've been doing some more ferreting and it seems it must be a problem with the handsets antenna. I've tried a new sim and still same problems. My S7 works perfectly fine, but the S20+ I can only force it to receive notifications and all beit receive calls if I keep changing the mobile data between 4/3G.

I've just hot off the phone with technical support 0330 000 0333 and gone through it all stating all the trouble shooting ive done to eliminate it being the network and that it must be the phone.....

Long story short was offered a new handset. Was then passed over to the store who booked my pickup for tomorrow.

Basically call them up, only open till 6pm, tell them the issues ur having, its a useless brick, and hopefully ull get a new one sent out.


Thanks for the update @Heskatron.


Please let me know if it solves it for you. I presume its another S20 you are getting? 


I know of someone else who has this problem with the same model so I'll be interested to see if perhaps there was a bad batch of phones or not. 


@Jook  it must be something to do with the S20s antennas. If i tweeked what i searched for more threads were coming up with 4G issues for all S20 handsets. Hopefully this will be 3rd time lucky, ive already had a refund for my first purchase with the same issue, only good thing about me repurchasing was i was able to buy the blue which was out of stock and i could also claim the free watch so i was reluctant to send back for a refund or i wud not get the watch.

Ill let u know if this is any better. 


Hi @Heskatron ,


How have you gotten on with your new phone?  Has the problem now been fixed for you?


I have the Galaxy Z Flip, but I'm having the exact same issue! I'm on three too.


Has anyone had any luck sorting this?


Hi @jonmossman,

Im still waiting on my new device to arrive to check that.....but Ive now also come to the conclusion that the 3 network is *****.

Ive been back using my old S7, and have still been having issues recieving notifications creaping in. Not as bad as with the S20, but some will still only come through when i turn on Wifi. The connection is slow, and with an unlimited data plan its a waste, as pics can take time to load and streaming is painful.

Im going to try and get out of my sim only and hopefully that with a new device its plain sailing.


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