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Notifications not working on mobile data

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Can anyone help???


Im not reciving notifications when on 4g,  yet when I go on WiFi, all of my notifications then pop up at once???


The best example of this is on WhatsApp. When I go onto the app the unread messages then show up (like it's just refreshed) but if someone calls me or messages me on WhatsApp I won't receive a notification unless I'm on the app? I've tried looking in the settings and everything seems to be enabled and I havent set anything to sleep or save data. Ive also tried restarting the phone. Ive just switched to the s20 5g from my old s9 and never had an issue on my s9.

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Hi @dmsmith96 


To me this does sound like an app setting or preference.


I appreciate you've looked.


Maybe try going into the Settings_Apps_Choose the App_Storage_Clear Cache and if necessary data too and then see what happens.


If no help then delete the app both from the phone and from your myapps in the Playstore and download a fresh copy.


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  • check battery optimizations for the applications
  • check is you don't use a battery saving options, then are mobile data limited
  • check if the applicaitons can use data on backgroud
  • try waking up the phone on mobile data if all notifications appear

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Hello, did you manage to sort this out?  I have exactly the same issue on a one month old s20 5g.  I am on the three network where the coverage is still 4g. I have not yet tried a factory reset.




Afraid not, I'm still having the same issues! I've gone through every mobile data and notification and storage setting possible.


Also discovered last night I cannot send emails to others; I get an error saying I'm not connected to the network when I clearly am! Yet I'm able to send emails from one of my own emails to another of my own emails.


Strange one.


This may help you. I went to network mode under mobile networks, and changed it from 5g lte to the 3g setting. My notifications seemed to then behave. I switched it back to 5g and it still seems to work. I'll be keeping an eye on mine but perhaps the toggling of the network mode forced a refresh of some corrupted settings. 


I'm having the same frustrating as dont have WiFi at work.

I'm even on my second S20+ with the same  issue as I returned the first thinking it might be faulty. 

Started a new sim only contract at same time so just ordered a new sim to try cover that base, but as it stands, not notifications at all unless I connect to WiFi 


Something I even noticed yesterday...

Received a new work phone, Nokia, and to find its number I called my phone. Line rzng but S20+ did not show me I had a call incoming. Asked a colleague to ring me, the same, her phone was ringing but my handset did not show i was receiving a call. Who knows how many calls I've missed.


Hi @Heskatron, are you on Three or a different network? I'm trying to work out if it is a problem with the phone or the network.


Does anybody official from Samsung reply to these posts with any acknowledgement of these problems?


I think it is going to get to a point where I will try and get a replacement of a different phone if possible if this is not going to be fixed via a firmware update. 


I'm on Three, yes. I think I'm getting to the bottom of it, its the network.

Did you purchase from Three or somewhere else? I purchased handset from Samsung using a sim only from Three.

In connection settings go to mobile networks then 'network mode' and don't select either 5G or the LTE4G, go down to 3G+2G and ull start getting your notifications, I think its something to do with the APN settings which are auto set. I've tried setting up a new profile following the Three websites APN settings but they seem the same...mite be for me purchasing direct from Samsung some sort of compatability issue, need to call Three back to investigate but I'm at least now getting things pushed through. Internets not that much different speed wise but if I need speed for anything I pop back onto LTE, then back again.

Hope this helps 


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