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No Service / Wifi Calling / Battery Drain Issues


I apologise at the start if this one becomes a little ranty..


I preordered my S20 Ultra from samsung for use with my EE Sim Only contract. (nothing out of the ordinary)

It was meant to be a little treat for myself, an upgrade from the Note 8 i had looked after for years.


Less than 3 days after recieving my new phone I tried enabling ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ as I had this on my previous phone with no issues. With almost immediate effect I found that the phone was in a constant signal/no service loop, my battery was draining rapidly and the device was getting rather hot.
I was in contact on the Samsung members app where the agent got me to try a few things, all with no success. My only option left was to factory reset the phone. This did work, well for a few days..


Yesterday, almost a week after having the problem initially and having to factory reset (a tiresome task in itself) I seem to have run into the issues again. I had made a few phone calls in the morning with no issues. Later in the afternoon I tried to make a call and the call failed, from here I noticed that the signal/no service loop had started again, I checked the battery in settings and the WIFI calling app/service was being used again, and soon after my battery was draining at a accelerated speed and the device was getting hot.


Due to these problems I am unable to use mobile network for internet, phonecalls and text messages, leaving a mobile phone pretty useless. I am far from impressed as this is the second time this phone has had these problems in just under two weeks ownership from new.


The things I have tried to combat the issue are as follows:

  • Cleaning the SIM
  • Trialling the SIM in a different phone, all works correctly (Note 8 & S9)
  • Trialling another active SIM in this phone, does not work
  • Resetting the network settings
  • Force stopping the wifi calling app
  • Toggling the wifi calling on/off
  • Changing the network mode from 2g/3g/4g/5g auto connect to 2g only, 3g only 2g/3g/4g auto connect
  • Clearing the cache from the boot menu
  • Booting in safe mode

I do not want to be factory resetting my phone once a week but at the moment it seems as thought this is my only option if i want to be able to make calls and texts. There is a problem with it and I feel that Samsung should be able to help either sort the issue and or replace the phone.


I have uploaded a video showing a screen recording, in it you will be able to see the looping signal/no service in the top right (I know there isn’t a fantastic signal in the video but this issue occurs with a full 4g signal coverage also). You can also see the wifi calling area in settings disappearing when entering the connections menu. As well as this in the phone app when you go into settings you can see that the wificalling is toggled off, when toggling the phone app crashes. I also go into the device care and battery menu where you can see that the battery lasted on previous days and then on the 20th a sudden more drastic drop starts, and that wificalling is the culprit, having masses of background usage.


I raised my issues once again on the samsung members app, but owing to the current covid situation i was directed to use other means of getting in touch. So i took to twitter, and did get a response quite quickly, initially it seemed as though the representative had not even read my problems before firing back a message that was generally irrelevant, then EE was blamed and after explaining again that the SIM works fine in all the other phones i was asked to visit a support centre. Fantastic, spending my time and money to fix a product that they have supplied at great cost to myself. It also turns out that my nearest centres are shut due to the virus so i would need to travel hundreds of miles to get this looked at.


This is why i am here now, hopeing that one of you guys may be able to save my time and effort in sorting the matter out. I hope that this information is detailed enough, I am eager to get this sorted as you can imagine after spending £1399 on a phone.





I have a Factory bought S20 Ultra and have had no issues so far.*touch wood. I know that's of no help to you.

But what I would say is, it sounds like you need a replacement. I'm aware there are others here with battery draining,

reboots, sim management issues.

Unfortunately I can't view your video until it gets approval, but judging by your explanation and the fact you've

factory reset it. It sounds like a defective device.


Two things I might try before before organising a RMA are :


1 : Try a Force Reboot : Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time for at least ten seconds


2 : If you decide to factory reset again. Try setting up the phone from scratch, as in don't transfer any previous settings,

etc. Setup manually as you go day to day. See if the issues start to rear their heads again or not.


Evening bazzz,


I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and to give suggestions.


Unfortunatley the forced reboot i had already tried with no sucess.


And I did set up the device from scratch the second time around (I made a thing about avoiding the wificalling setting this time around too), everything seemed fine until I tried to make a call in a poor signal area then i started to see issues again. One would presume that the low signal call attempt made the phone automatically try to use wifi calling..


Regardless i agree a replacememnt may be necessary, just hoping samsung can authorise this without me travellig half the country for a representative to say the same thing.




Cheers Niall,

Sorry I wasn't much help. But I'd waste no more time and get on to Samsung directly again via live chat or phone.

Due to Current Global events, you are not expected to travel any distance to get your phone looked at.

Samsung have to honour this and just RMA for a swap out. Like the rest of us you've paid a high price for the product.

It also seems like the S20 Ultra is rolling back in to stock again. So you shouldn't be waiting too long....if you decide to go that route.

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Currently stuck in the same loop / issue. Yesterday my s20 ultra drained from 100% to 15% in 4.2 hours and wifi calling (which is switched off by the way ) used 37% battery and was active for 10.5 hours in the background even after resetting the phone and closing all apps and putting them to sleep. My phone now drops every phone call and also randomly restarts. To make it works Samsung have closed all service stores in Australia except for 3 in Sydney. That's 3000km from me. They want me to send it over to get checked with no loan phone. Apple used to replace my phone on the spot. Anyways spoke to Samsung they said call back in 24hrs if you have an issue which I still do. $2000 phone with camera that can't focus and no rich communication settings this phone is a dud

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