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Exchange ActiveSync new contacts not synchronising to Exchange account

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The contact app has been set up to save contacts to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (MEA). But my S20 Contact App shows 5145 contacts in MEA, but my s8+ and my PC Outlook and online Exchange ( shows 5013 contacts. Therefore it seems that Contact Sync is not updating the S20 Exchange contacts across to the other devices using same Exchange ActiveSync account.

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I am having a similar issue.  Most of my contacts are in outlook and that app is working fine on my Samsung S 20.  However the Samsung Contacts App is not incorporating the Outlook contact data.  The Default stoarge locaion for my contacts is Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.  Any advice?

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I have the same issue on my Galaxy S20 Ultra.

I saw there was finally an option to move contacts from my phone to an Exchange account.

So I tried moving the last phone contacts to Exchange.

The contact location shows as Exchange however I can't see them online nor in Outlook on my PC.

New contacts also no longer sync from my phone to Exchange.

Any suggestions?

I'm apprehensive of removing and adding the Exchange account again for fear of losing these contacts.

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I have the same issues with my S20 Ultra PLUS

Some contacts have been deleted off Exchange (not by me, though) and only their names remain on the phone.

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