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Double tap to wake on S20 plus

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I’ve just taken ownership of an S20 plus. Taking a while to get used to not having a hard press home button, last phone was the S8... but the ‘double tap to wake’ Very rarely works, require several taps to wake the phone... Why?

can anyone assist please... it’s damned annoying...

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Nice phone @Members_OaOKjE0  👍


Is there a screen protector on the phone that could be causing this ? Long shot.


Perhaps try turning the feature Off and then Soft Reboot by turning the phone Off and On and then re enable the feature.


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Hi, thanks for your response. No, no screen protector - the manufacturer’s protective film has also been removed. I have had to resort to applying the touch sensitivity mode, but even then, the screen requires several taps to ‘wake’.. I’m finding loads of issues with this phone.. the lag is frightening.. the audio on calls - I have to raise the volume to max.. the dropping of audio when notifications come through, resulting in my having to manually switch music back ‘on’. I’ve only had it a week, and I’m fed up with it already...

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