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Delay between pressing camera button and picture being taken resulting in missing the shot


Hi all,


S20 Ultra here, have taken plenty of great shots with my camera, the quick updates since launch have fixed most issues people had at launch with the cameras but somthing that occasionally bugs me is a delay in capturing a photo after pressing the button, resulting in missing the shot.


Typical scenario - taking a photo of my kids , they move a lot so you dont have long to get a shot, I  pull the the phone out, line up the shot and press the button and nothing, 1 second, maybe 2 and it takes the shot and its not the shot you wanted.


It certainly isnt all the time, sometimes the shot is pretty much instant, I am begining to suspect its related to the auto focus, the phone doesnt focus quick enough or maybe doesnt think its focussed (often it looks fine on screen) so wont take the shot quickly when you need it to.


Any ideas?




Same boat with me except I have the standard S20. We have a 1 year old and I was getting so ticked because my wife's iPhone 11 constantly took good pictures of him while my more expensive S20 kept blurring when he moved even the slightest bit. I have been reading like crazy and it seems I can finally take good quick photos. The shutter was lagging nearly a second on mine generally...maybe half a second. But it matters. I turned off pretty much every feature. Turn off all beauty features, scene optimization, and auto HDR. Now the shutter is instant and my kid no longer looks like a blurry mess. 


Side note the July update did not fix this issue on its own for me. I had to adjust these options. I'm also in the USA too so I have a different chip. Just saying. If you still have problems try turning those features off. You don't need them unless you're taking landscape photos anyway.

You are describing exactly my issues with the standard s20. Two kids moving around and the wife's iPhone is on point while my s20 misses the shot or blurs it out. It's gotten slightly better, but I still experience the lag from time to time. All the craptastic Samsung camera features are turned off. I did however notice that results are far better in pro mode. Especially color accuracy.


Samsung should just try to get out of its own way in terms of software and the camera experience it seems. 


I'm going back to iPhone when the 12 pro comes out. I need reliability and a although oneui is really good Apple just got everything that made me switch to android in the first place: Pip, widgets, fast charge, and a tripple cam experience. But Android has definitely come along way and glad that I tried two gens Samsung phones. Will probably come back sometime again when ios starts to bore me again 😁

I keep thinking about going to Apple or Pixel bit honestly One UI is just far better than the opposition. It's really intuitive and you can tailer the experience to how you want it. Apple is stuck in it's same old ways and even the widget system is a disaster from what I've heard and seen. And stock Android is just ok, nothing special. Samsung definitely needs to tone it down with these forced features though. It took me since March to finally figure out my camera problem where if I had an iPhone or Pixel it would be good from the start. 

True, everything on Apple is more locked down and not as customizable. But I have come to realize that I don't care too much about customizing my phone. I've played around with almost every kind of customization on android only to realize that it doesn't matter to me. I will take reliability over customization. I'm trying to spend as little time on my phone as possible.


I'm curious though what was it that was disastrous in regards to the widgets on ios? Resizing or the lack hereof? From what I've seen it does just about the same as Android's version of it. Albeit with a little less freedom 😉

Main reason for me not going with Apple is their insistence on using sync for transferring files/media, even MS scrapped that ***** years ago, I like to plug my phone into my pc and drag drop, job done

Yeah I gotcha. I try to stay off my phone as much as possible. I hardly use any apps anymore. Phone usage has become a big problem worldwide. But gotta use the camera! 


I guess with the widgets there weren't many options and even using them on the home screens just isn't like Android because you can't do too too much with Apple home screens like you can on Android. I still think they will be a nice addition but it seems they make the screens look a bit messy. I had an iPhone 6S back in the day and liked it a bit. I only used it 3 months before I got tired of it but even then I felt like trying to make my home screens even have the icons in a particular order was a task. Everything just seems more cumbersome. We'll see. I dont even think the widgets are live yet. Just beta if I'm not mistaken.




Was on 6s then 7plus and then made the switch to s10 then s20. I am also curious if there are people like me who have experienced their s10s being snappier with the cam than the s20. You also mentioned exynos likely having something to do with it. And you are right. There are differences between the two chipsets when it comes to camera. I would like to be able to compare hands-on usage between the two devices. I've seen videos where this has been methodically compared. But although the exynos is slower. I still think I wouldn't notice it in everyday use. I don't do any heavy gaming cuz quite frankly I think the console or PC experience is preferable.


Yeah, Ios 14 is in beta. And it does seem like some people have battery issues. Hope they fix that before launch. The s20 buttery smooth 120hz is so sweet though. I think I would miss that greatly unless Apple finds a similar solution. 


Back to the camera. I just don't think that the chipset is so slow that it should impact camera performance. The camera shouldn't require as much raw computational power as say an FPS game. I think it must have something to do with software. I've also suspected the little vibration it makes when... Come to think of it this could actually be the issue. I will have to do some testing. This could be part of the issue. Will write here again if turning off the vibration makes any difference to the camera performance. 

Well, I've been snapping some photos now and it seems like everything is way better than when the vibration was turned on. Strange. Will have to use it for a longer period of time to make a final assessment, but it sure does look like that was causing some of the lag. Really weird. 

Which vibration? 

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