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Camera change green to blue


Today I noticed that my green shirt comes out blue in the picture. All the other green stuff I came across did come out green. At home, I also found a green sweater that goes out blue. When I zoom in it is green and when zoom out a it turns blue. I tried 3 more othet Samsung models , 2 did not distort but the third did.

Why is this happening?

I don't use filters.20200529_200147.jpg





Looking from the 2 pictures of correct and wrong it looks like that the problem is due to the phone trying to adjust the white balance and not completely get that color wrong at the same time which results in that blue greenish tint instead of green.

I would not worry about that too much it probably is not faulty hardware

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I have same problem just recently.  I want it fixed. I take photos all the time and the colors all wrong.

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