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Secure folder: permissions disabled by admin?

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Hi, I was going to add MX player to Secure folder applications but I'm unable to change it's permissions. It is not only fot this applications, I'm unable to enable disabled permissions and also disable enabled permissions for all applications.

How can I fix it except removing the profile? (there is 750 000 files in the Secure folder, it's not easy to backup and restore them...





When I deleted and re-created the secure folder it was working weird. It didn't asked for password or fingerprint and after restart it stopped starting so I was unable to access the data. So I did full factory reset and from that time it has been working well.

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Had this same issue on my S10. Apps would have access to location, files, etc. Tried a number of things without any luck. 


Only thing that worked for me was to backup my secured folder. Then I wiped the secured folder. Uninstalled samsung secure folder. Reinstalled it then logged in and began a restore of my secure folder. After it was done everything worked as normal. 


Worth a try if you dont want to factory reset your whole phone. 


Good luck


Too late... But I tried that with no success because the Secure folder didn't required password and after reboot it absolutly disapeared 😞 So I did FR and now is iot working well.


Everyone who makes reset of Secure Folder using backup to Samsung Cloud should be aware of the following bug: after restoration, the metadata of your files, in particular pictures, will be deleted. Therefore, you won't be able to sort by the date picture taken, etc. The only available to you sorting option would make sense is the file name, which in my case was not an option. It is really a pity, Samsung Cloud is still a very raw product. Of course, there is no other backup option offered, so transfer your files outside of Secure Folder, then backup, delete SF, restore from cloud and move files back to SF.

It was a painful experience 😞


Imagine that I did that for 750 000 images...

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