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Secure folder: permissions disabled by admin?

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Hi, I was going to add MX player to Secure folder applications but I'm unable to change it's permissions. It is not only fot this applications, I'm unable to enable disabled permissions and also disable enabled permissions for all applications.

How can I fix it except removing the profile? (there is 750 000 files in the Secure folder, it's not easy to backup and restore them...




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I have same problem


There is the same problem on my phone. It seems to me that the Workspace app is blocking all app permissions from being changed in my secure folder. Only there, there is all as usual outside of secure folder.

I think that by agreeing to allow access my employer Office 365 data (called MDM), I passed them control.... over my secure folder! Sounds crazy. And I hope, it's not true and my company doesn't see my secured app list and files in the secure folder...

Before I also attempted to create a work account using the special Android feature. Therefore I have two accounts outside of secure folder: the work account with office 365 credentials and the Microsoft account with the same credentials. The problem is that neither of them are in the secure folder, both are outside of it.

I don't know if removing either of these accounts can help to regain control over my settings. It's not possible to deactivate MDM, it is managed my company admin and I am afraid if I contact they directly, it will draw attention and they will want to check the content of my secure folder.


I tried remowing work profile as is recomended. So I did the backup, removed profile, the Secure Folder was deleted. Then I created it again and restored data (4 hours, 750 000 files).

But today I realized that Secure Folder doesn't need a password or fingerprint to enter. I restarted the phone and then the Secure Folded didn't display login screen so I wasn't able to access data.

OK, I did full factory reset and now I'm recovering the phone in all... 😕




Sorry to hear that, I can only imagine how annoying is it and how much time wasted!

Your suggestion would be to protect the secure folder with the password before backing up and then deleting the account? Did you use Samsung cloud (and Samsung account) as a back up option or simply copied the files decrypted to another location? 

Did you deactivate the folder manually or it was gone together with the account?

Is it a company device or is it your private one (that means fully managed by your IT admin or partly)?




I use Samsung cloud but I have the 512GB version of the phone and I have over 700 000 small (100KB per file) files in the folder.  I can't imagine how to backup this. I use local backup via FTP running in the Secure folder.

When I deactivated the folder and created it again there was another issue: the folder missed some applications and didn't require password. After reboot I lost access completelly.

It is a personal device but there was also Microsoft azure accout from my company (Teams) and my Google account is G Suite. But I never did rights to manage my phone.


Any news about how to fix the issue? It is very annoying to be unable to remove/grant permissions in the secure folder. Google Play Services app is stalking everything (microphone included) all the time for personalized ads


Factory reset is your friend... 😕

The point is it needs a lot of time and I'm pretty sure the issue will persist after resetting: it seems that the problem is caused by company accounts (in my case Office 365) even if they are out of the folder and I would have to install that account again after resetting 😞
After deleting and creating again the private folder were you able to manage all permissions?
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