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help from samsung! i have s10 how to block sms without number i got this spam every day!!!!


i need help!!!!!!!! its very importent!!!!!! how to block this sms!!!!!!!!!!


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 smasung plz implement block phrases so we can block sms messages without numbers!

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For now you can just set a custom notification to be silent and minimized, but we should be able to block email/web Multimedia Messaging Service (mms) text messages. Please Samsung fix your blocking to include this feature.

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Has anything been done to fix this yet? I'm getting spam from "La Redoute" (it's not them) - constant, and can't block as phone just tells me the sender has no number. Help!

nope! Only thing I can do is to put those senders in silence. Spams are constantly coming everyday.

some one advised to download google messages from the play store.. i have made that my default messaging browsers and pretty much works for blocking no number messages

I just downloaded ChompSMS, fed up with Samsung


Sms app connot block sma from companies with no no just alphabetic words

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I also cannot block spam senders without number, which is ridiculous.


This galaxy note 10 plus is a 1000$+ dollar phone.


Even my old iphone could do it.


I remember not being able to do it either with a galaxy s8 years ago which is why i went back to iphone and was expecting that maybe samsung cared about their customers and implemented a function that even other android makers have. 


Looks like they don't care about their customers at all.

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I had the same problem. I discovered Samsung disables this feature in their adaption of Android OS. I installed the original Android Messages app from the Play Store. Make sure is the one developed directly by Google.  After i installed I get the "Block and Report Span" option. This option is recommended here:

This is the US link for the app:

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I found an great Android App that works for me,  filtering out my spam messages without Numbers & also has a feature just to display texts from my Contacts.  Search KEY MESSAGES from Google Play Store

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