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HDR applied even when it's set to OFF


Hi there! I've been playing a bit with the wide angle camera today, and I notice a weird bug.

Whether I set the HDR to on or off, pictures always come out with a hdr look.

I take the picture, and if I immediately open it in the camera roll, I see it changing from normal to HDR, as if it  gets processed a couple of seconds after being shot. I tried to disable all the image enchantments but the result is the same, an hdr sky that I really do not like. 

Only way to have a normal looking picture is to use pro mode, but you can't use it with the wide angle lens... anyone else noticed this issue?


Could you take a non-HDR 108mp photo using the Albanio method?
It works for me on S10 +, but it’s interesting about a 108MP photo.


This slide to burst is quite cool actually! Thanks for the tip :smiling-face: will burst every time now ahaha!


It's a shame that this issue still exists in June of 2020 with all the latest software updates (S10+). I'm pretty disappointed cause I've just bought this phone since it's photo capabilities, but the undesired HDR makes very ugly pictures sometimes (not all the time it's true but very often).

The only "solution" was to buy an other camera app to me on Google Play (Manual Camera DSLR Pro) - it doesn't know all the bells and whistles of the stock Samsung camera app, but (at least) if I turn off HDR it IS turned off.  Unfortunately I think this issue won't be fixed in the future since S10 is not the flagship device already and more than a year passed away since it's debut.


This s~hit also exists on the S20 Ultra (including the 108mp photos). Just developers negligence

It seems the very latest update solved the issue on S10+. Fortunetly my phone got an update right after i wrote my last post. Check it out! (Of course I need to test it in different circumstances but according to the update info the camera got some stability improvement.)
Software build: QP1A.190711.020.G975FXXU7CTF1

Hi there, haven't received the June update on my S10e yet but interested in how you have found the update to the camera to be. I hate it as it is, so any improvement would be welcomed.

Earlier I could easily reproduce the ugly HDR "effect": simply focused on a bright spot in a quite dark environment, and the result was terrific on the shot: there were ugly light blue tones in the bright areas.
I don't wan to be pretentious, but since the latest update IT SEEMS i can't take this kind of shots - so i hope this issue is solved (fingers crossing). I just can suggest check the updates continuously - i hope you get it soon.

Thank you, here's hoping as i have found the post processing on my 10e to be gross. At this moment i have the 10e, my wife has my previous s8, the s7 i had before that is being used as a media player and i have had Samsung's before that all the way back to the s2.

I have always felt that each new phone improved on the camera of the one before. The 10e however is the first time i have been completely unimpressed and regretted updating.   

Walk this despite the phone being advertised as having a "professional" standard camera, Samsung's advertising not my words. Anyway, still no June update but here's hoping. Thank you for your response.


Hey there, does anyone came up with a solution? I've just upgraded form s7 egde to s10 and i'm so disappointed with the pictures. Before the purchase I did some research on the camera and it seemed to be very fine, however the HDR drives me mad and makes me want to sell this phone.


Unfortunately today the issue came back. 😥 Until now it was right, but it seems the very latest update (?) ruined something again (I've been using my phone about for a month without any HDR problem). Thanks god it doesn't appear in professional mode, but it's annoying me again in standard shots. I tried to switch it on and off again but today i was unable to take shots in standard mode without undesired HDR effect even it is turned off in camera menu. 😠

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