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Fairly silly calendar notification issue when "hide content" is set


So whenever I get calendar notifications, I can't actually do anything to unlock the phone and directly view them. I don't expect them to show me the content of the calendar event as I have "Hide content" set but right now the notification is completely useless as there's no option to unlock the phone to view the notification when the notification is up. I've attached a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean.


As you can see, there's no option to actually open the notification here - all I can do is dismiss it or snooze it. I think the dismiss button should be replaced with a swipe to unlock or the ability to unlock with a fingerprint. Or just have both an unlock button and the dismiss one. 


This may be more of an issue for me as I'm using the LED View case which unlocks the screen when I open it, which means if I have a calendar notification I have no way to unlock the screen without hitting back first - which is a) slightly awkward and b) inconsistent with the natural action I take to try to unlock the phone when I open the case.


Also is there a way to prevent this notification from being a full screen thing? I'd be perfectly happy with just an icon.

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This is the settings I use and only get a small icon which I can tap to open calendar.



@Colin19 Thanks - my settings are identical to yours apart from lock screen which doesn't have the option to show content - only hide content or don't show notifications. Don't show notifications seems to have sorted this for me though so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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