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Split Screen and pop up feedback

(Topic created on: 27-02-2021 05:56 PM)
First Poster
Posting this to gain attention from developers, hoping I'm not the only one who things the new split screen and pop up functionality is awful. 

Firstly I don't have all of the apps I use for split screen on edge, so I removed the edge task bar and dealt with the fact I wouldn't be able to just have one split screen tab open and flawlessly open and close apps as I pleased anymore. This is a major inconvenience as it is, but then I saw I can't even now close the one tab and just open another straight from my home screen? 

It needs to go back how it was in my opinion. Don't fix something that wasn't broken! The functionality now has unnecessary extra steps and just feels so clunky and not user friendly. Feels more like I'm using using cheap ali-express phone with no usability. 

The pop up function has also become fidgety, removing the permanent bar that enabled you to close, open, minimise, ect, the tab. 

I used to love this phone, it moved flawlessly and now after every update there's some unnecessary, clunky change that ruins the experience. I feel like I should have stayed using my Xperia, unless some of these changes are reverted, and especially if more are introduced that are equally as awkward, I'll be looking out for another phone.