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Samsung S10 weird selective wifi and network internet connection issues

(Topic created on: 16-02-2021 12:51 PM)
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I have a new unlocked Samsung S10 and I am having all kinds of connection issues. If anyone can help I'd be very greatful.

Heres the context:

I have connected it to my Huawei b525s-23a mobile router. Its shows a good internet connection but there are very strange issues with the connection. (I am currently connected to the same router on my Lenovo Yoga laptop without issue - I get a very fast connection (50 down/15 up)

I also have a voxi sim with mobile data which worked very well in my Moto G4, decent connection and 4G in my house where I am now.

The S10 has a bevy of specific connection issues


  • Instagram and youtube apps work flawlessly
  • Internet browsers are useless : sometimes they manage to load a google result but generally return an error about the connection being interrupted or disconnected other websites (clicked through google results) always "time out" in this way - (I've tried samsung internet, Chrome, Firefox, Firefox Focus) 
  • BeyondPod has managed to update and download podcast feeds but was a bit flakey.
  • Spotify wont load the start page
  • Whats app often uses mobile data instead of wifi  as it says my wifi is not working. but sometimes it doesnt say this.
  • google play works fine to download apps and updates
  • the Pintrest app works fine.
  • whatsapp sends and recieves messages fine.
  • google photos loads photos in a blink


On Mobile data:

  • Youtube and instagram apps work totally fine.
  • Pinterest is not really working,
  • Chrome will connect to googe results and google images fine but wont load other web pages. 
  • Other browsers are much more flakey even at loading goggle results - gernerally they wont.
  • whatsapp sends and recieves messages fine


Network connection

  • Calls go through fine and when calling I have 4 bars of connection - at other times I have 1 bar.
  • Text messages go through fine
  • Other apps report network issues (I'm not sure if these are to do with the mobile network or internet usage or what)-
  • I cannot register Signal on my phone as it either ownt connect to the network or their web based "human check" times out -
  • I cant register with bixby as it says (after spinning its wheel for a long while) it cannot access my network to check my account


Things I have tried (mostly multiple times):

  • restarting the phone
  • resetting the network settings
  • disconnecting the wifi, forgetting the network, restarting
  • assigining static ip
  • Assiging a static mac address
  • Using wifi without the sim
  • Using mobile data with the wifi turned off
  • clearing my DNS (airplane mode on and off, and using Chrome://)
  • probably some other things I've forgotten.

Could it be a antivirus issue? - I havent installed one but the phone has some kind of build in McAffee security that I cant see how to turn off.

I just dont understand it - its driving me crazy TBH



Helping Hand
try this clear cache please the method is same on s10 plus. After this if you have still problem then do factory reset. I really hope first thing will be sorting this problems
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how do i clear the cache? thanks


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just noticed another odd detail -  under Sim Card Status it lists the Mobile Network State as disconected - is that normal?

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OK I figured our how to wipe the cache partition using these instructions:

It has had no effect.

I'll try a factory reset later when I'm not using my phone.