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Samsung S10+ screen mirroring issues

(Topic created on: 15-05-2019 08:48 AM)
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Hi forum,



Purchased the S10+ (having had S3, S5,S6,S7+,S8+) and am pleased with it, tho I am of a certain age and in all honesty, will probably never use a lot of the functionality ....

My issue is that I cannot work out how to use the screen mirroring option ... after 25 yrs with Sky, left and moved to Virgin due to crazy pricing by Sky ... this means I do not have sky Atlantic and therefore (shock / horror) no access to Game of Thrones ...

My nephew has kindly allowed my access to one of his sky go accounts so can get / view the episodes on my phone but really want to watch it on the big screen. Issue I have is that both my tv's are Sony, one is about 8 yrs old and the other is about 6 yrs old and do not support the modern functionality that would allow easy and seamless connection between by phone and tv.

I purchased a cable (to connect my phone to tv via HDMI) but this will not allow me to play the content, it picks up my phone and will display my home screen and will replicate whilst I move between screen but as soon as I try and play the content from sky go, it comes up with an error message?

Surely there must be a way to overcome this issue and allow me to watch the phone content, I am already behind by 5 weeks and desperately need to resolve this please, with your help. Many thanks in anticipation ... TH