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Samsung s10+ Camera issues with Exynos chip

(Topic created on: 06-06-2019 09:20 PM)
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Camera issues:

I am using Samsung s10+ from last 3 months and recent April update with Night mode camera is worst and low light photos so pathetic like oil painting style is it real PRO Cameras? or Korean giant cheated like Chinese cheap mobiles. Huwaei low light phots are great compared to s10+. Here I am not comparing with dark night photos. I just comparing phots quality under lights. Outside daylight pics are rocks and front cam selfie under daylight is awesome. But, Dedicated night mode is worsened and shutter speed is very bad. Is Samsung taking care of there flagship models?


Software issues:

Some apps are hanged after the recent update and touch screen, not responsive. Wifi stability is good at my oneplus 5t compare with S10plus. Connectivity is very bad and sensors are looks like third grade. Proximity and gyroscopic sensors are working very bad in my personal experience. whenever I lift my phone its never wake up. 


CHIP: Exynos

I m not sure why Samsung using this ship for the Flagship model. One plus 6t far better than s10plus in performance. Image processing is very bad 


Overall: I decided not to go for Samsung her after in Flagship models. 


I welcome to tune my S10plus low light photography and performance improvements from Samsung community. 



Helping Hand
I noticed on my Huawei p20 pro that shadow areas even when the photo was taken in daylight would sometimes exhibit strange random patches of blur or over enthusiastic noise reduction.

Like on a canal path , the main image was good but under a bridge where there was shade the image would be smeary , ok the low light was better in a pinch but overall quality given the Huawei had a slightly larger sensor it should have been a lot better.

And I don't see it getting any better now they are upping megapixel counts again....on tiny smartphones we only really need 10-12 megapixels max...with the option of totally disabling noise reduction without the need to shoot raw