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Samsung Galaxy S10e One UI 3.1 Update Missing Camera Features

(Topic created on: 06-04-2021 04:38 PM)

I updated my phone a couple of nights ago to One UI 3.1 and have been going through it to see what's changed and i have to say that it was a pointless update, i don't know why they bothered. Extra features that are so minuscule that most people are not going to notice, let alone care about, which makes me wonder if it was an excuse to implement the biggest change, the camera.

Single Take has more customisation, though its a feature i have only tried and not used.

Photo doesn't look like its changed.

Gone is the ability in the Settings to select the default Video Size/Aspect Ratio (UHD/HD etc.) and moved to the top ribbon on the camera where you can select which size you want much quicker.

That is where the good changes end.

Video size up to UHD is now only supported under 9:16 Aspect Ratio.

1:1 defaults to 1440x1440 and FULL defaults to 2288x1080 and can't be changed, whereas before in the settings, you could shoot in any aspect ratio from HD to UHD at any frame rate at almost any video size/aspect ratio.

There is a distracting circle with a lock icon and a bar underneath constantly hovering on the screen, this allows you to change the brightness, the problem is, as soon as you touch the screen, if you are lucky enough for it disappear and it often doesn't, it reappears.

All of these downgrades are the same when using the front camera.

But, the biggest change? YOU CAN NO LONGER RECORD VIDEO WITH THE WIDEANGLE CAMERA. This option is gone. Sometimes you had to pinch the screen for the zoom options to show and you could select 0.5X, thus being able to switch between both cameras while recording or to record with the wide angle camera or it had 2 icons like in the Photo section to select. So now, as it stands, the Wide Angle Camera is nothing more than a hole on the back of the phone, except for photo.

Same again in Pro-Mode Photo, all looks like before except one thing. You can no longer use the wide angle camera.

Pro-Mode Video, all the missing features above, again, gone from this option. No UHD on most Aspect Ratios and no ability to use wide angle camera.

I can't remember if pro mode for photo and video could be used with the front camera but i know it can't after this update if it could before. They have added Portrait and Portrait Video under More, they don't seem to add anything that couldn't already to be done in Photo and Video mode and seems like a waste of human resources to me to add these features but ymmv.

Little did I know that when the description for the 3.1 update said that it had enhanced the Camera that what they really meant was they butchered it. Samsung have been pushing updates out quite fast and I have had no complaints but this one has not been thought through, I don't know if it was rushed out or if they have intentionally restricted the camera in the most petty way to try and encourage people to buy one of their newer phones but i would like to know their reasoning.

If you like One UI 3.0 and haven't downgraded yet, I would block this update. Gutted that you can't go back on updates. Now its back to using my trusted clip-on lenses because of these pathetic changes.

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sadly agreed...

i wholeheartedly agree.

samsung has literally destroyed its superior photography capabilities. Night mode is terrible now too and the elimination of the backlighting editing option has made it so the night mode photos cannot be effectively editex.

I used to brag to anyone I knew about the incredibly night mode and how I could take photos of the stars with such astonishing detail it was incredible...not anymore!

I also feel like the the photo resolution for daytime pictures taken either in pro or auto mode is now significantly degraded in resolution. I think the quality of the pictures on my S3 are MUCH better than I can now take on my S10.




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And does everyone still have that digital line 


showing up in their pictures? Because I still do. I know there was a thread earlier that a lot of people were complaining about this digital line. As you can see from this picture I took a few days ago, it's very evident. Has anyone found a resolution or a fix to this problem if it is applicable to you?


This is the most disappointing and infuriating thing ever.  For the past few months I've had issues with trying to help my Mum with her s10e phone - which I'd convinced her to get rather than another iPhone.    I got her to do this so that I could help her remotely with any issues she might experience etc.   It has turned into a real nightmare because she can no longer take photos like she could before, and didn't understand the issue/why it happened.   Her phone is unresponsive, as if the sensitivity of the screen has somehow changed.  And the battery drains much quicker than before.  Sadly I'm advising her to go back to Apple.   And I most certainly will not buy a Samsung phone again either.  Had them since S5 (which incidentally is still going strong for another family member), and was always happy and confident to recommend them.  NOT anymore.   

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Agree. Samsung should put it back there.

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Is sad to realize that. Every time I need to send a email with photos I need to edit and realize them. This actualizacion just made the camera more complicated. I dont understand why they remove this basic and useful features. Hope they fix all this in the new actualization.

Agree. I just noticed this. Spent hours looking in the settings. So many things have disappeared.