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Samsung Android 10 problems

(Topic created on: 14-12-2019 03:01 PM)

I've installed the android 10 update on my S10  and I'm disappointed with the update.I've noticed that the battery drains more quickly than android 9.I was expecting Samsung to fix the battery drain issue and also make the battery life better than before.Isn't Samsung aware of this issue?When will they fix this issue?Even after 7th beta, there are still issues to the stable build of android 10.

Why are these issues common with Samsung devices?People are complaining and yet Samsung hasn't solved these issue nor they are admitting these issues.Why can't Samsung have a look of these issue themselves and fix the problems we have to deal with?

These are these issue we have with Samsung devices:

1:Battery life 

2:Battery drain issue


3:Slow software updates 

4:Lack of software support

The updates are really slow when you compare it to Google or Apple.If Apple or Google releases a update,the users gets the update straight away but with Samsung it takes a week or worse case scenario you end up getting the update after 1 month!This is ridiculous even after paying so much money for these devices.Why does Samsung charge so much money if they can't even give much attention like Apple or Google? Why can't Samsung just finally end this and provide much more faster software updates than before and fix these issues we have?Alot of Samsung users are fed up with this including me and now users are losing hope in Samsung because they don't even address these issues we have and even till this day,Samsung hasn't fixed these issue even after downloading the stable version of android 10.I was expecting the battery life to be better and especially for them to fix the battery drain issue.Such a disgrace company.

Samsung Members Star ★★★

Hi @kostageo18 , welcome to this forum 


When you got a major update, sometimes some files got corrupted so WE recommand you to make a Wipe Cache Partition after each major update. This does’nt affect any of your files but can improve your device’s performance and resolve many problems that could happen after a major update
To check how to make a Wipe Cache Partition on your device, just download this file and click on your device. You'll see the comment appear with the description on HOW TO.

Here is the link to download the file:!AtVm1GOj5C5ExBvKXn4K8XCyAcLc


Also, if it doesn't work maybe you should have to make a factory reset like some people did, don't forget to save your files with Smart Switch


Give me some news about your problem,  have a nice day.


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I've just updated my galaxy A10 into android v10 and I want to change the color of my status bar notifications as when its black I cant see a thing and it annoys me as I can't see if I have a text or not. Any ideas on how to fix it. CheersScreenshot_20200620-164953_Chrome.jpg