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S10 Lite One UI4.0 Bugs and Questions

(Topic created on: 13-01-2022 08:14 PM)
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Hi Community,

I got my One UI 4.0 update in india today 13th Jan 2022. The update I feel has a few bugs and I also have a few questions related to the features: 
1) Does S10 Lite has Object eraser and Photo Remaster feature for gallery? Cause I am not able to find it in the options

Gallery: remaster Photo Option missingGallery: remaster Photo Option missing

2) The edge Panel apps do not show the name of the Applications anymore and are just icons.

App Name in the edge panel not coming upApp Name in the edge panel not coming up

3)While using whatsapp and replying from the notification drawer the enter key does not send the message, instead it creates another line in the message

4) The AOD doe not allow to change the location of the image sticker on the screen. Is it changed from previous versions?

Thanks! Help is appreciated.