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Running distances differ from S7 Edge to S10+

(Topic created on: 03-07-2020 10:15 PM)
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I used to have a Galaxy S7 Edge phone. I run around my block. From the start point to the same point, around the block, you can measure 400 meters. Using the Samsung Health app running one lap I get the same 400 meters reading. I switched to the ADIDAS app in the same S7 Edge phone and I had the same reading. With those apps I get a 6:30 per kilometer pace


Now, I changed my old S7 Edge for a brand new Galaxy S10+ phone. I ran the same block and.... one lap now is 320 meters. I have ran the same block several times and it gets the same readings (320 meters). With that "distance" now I get a 7:40 per kilometer pace


What is happening? The Galaxy S10+ has a bad GPS? Do I have to calibrate the GPS?