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Random Picture-in-Picture / Exit Fullscreen / Millisecond Flash - Including Logcat Analysis

(Topic created on: 01-11-2021 11:34 AM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

Dear all,

I truly hope someone can help me with this problem which is driving me nuts (S10 on Android 11).

After factory-resetting, I am now experiencing the following issue each 5 minutes (minute + / -):

On youtube when fullscreen, it moves back to the standard layout

On Maps when in driving mode, it moves to picture-in-picture

On Twitter, it flashes black from right to left for a fraction of a second

These are a couple of examples of the most annoying situations, some flashing happens also when browsing, yeah - annoying but I can live with that.

I tried to go into full investigation-mode and analyzed the issue through logcat and - to my little surprise - there is a spike in the logs when this situation occurs (100% match between timestamps and time of occurrence). As my knowledge of Android is fairly limited, I just managed to notice these lines occurring among the first when the situation occurs:

10-31 16:09:23.431 1016 1192 V SamsungAlarmManager: Sending to uid : 1000 action=com.sec.internal.ims.config.workflow.validity_timeout alarm=Alarm{606416a type 2 when 2641170 com.sec.imsservice}

10-31 16:09:23.432 1016 1192 D ActivityManager: Received BROADCAST intent 0xc0c6e05 Key{broadcastIntent pkg=com.sec.imsservice intent=act=com.sec.internal.ims.config.workflow.validity_timeout flags=0x0 u=0} requestCode=0 sent=0 from uid 1000

Followed by

10-31 16:09:23.454 1790 2020 I ConfigModule<0>: Mobile Data is off but WiFi is on

10-31 16:09:23.454 1790 2020 I ConfigModule<0>: Mobile Data is off but WiFi is on. So wait 20 seconds.

10-31 16:09:23.454 1790 2020 I ConfigModule<0>: Auto Config Start: ReadyNetwork = true, Start command = true

10-31 16:09:23.464 2820 2820 I ORC/ImsMgrFactory: simSlot : 0


10-31 16:09:23.467 1790 2655 I PowerController: LockState

Honestly speaking, I cannot rule out that there is something happening before, with these lines being already the consequences of something else.

Can anyone help me - or if this question is too specific maybe indicate what is the best forum where to ask?

Thanks a mil!!!

P.s.: for the ones who saw these questions somewhere else - sorry for spamming.

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Galaxy S10 Series

I have the same problem! Have you found a solution in the meantime? Thank you for answering 

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Galaxy S10 Series

Hi Carlotta,

not at all - very disappointing that Samsung totally ignored this...