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Problems with Samsung Galaxy S10, my display is 3/4 missing, phone is bent? Who bends a phone.

(Topic created on: 03-03-2020 12:51 AM)
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My phone is 5 months old, Samsung customer service is horrible. I have had a horrible experience with them. My display is 3/4 missing, Samsung is saying i bent my phone. Who bends phone??????? Let alone if i did, the material used is crappy if I could do that. Since the update lots of problems with programmes not working, updagtes are horrible and do not address issues. They do not test properly to ensure fixes.  Then a few weeks later another update.  To many things wrong make it totally unsatisfactory. I would not recommend this

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Superuser II
Galaxy S10 Series

Hi @dbt 


I've seen phones bend before due to certain weaknesses in the build but not particularly in connection to your model of phone.


The iPhone 6 plus was one such model too.


If a phone is placed in the back pocket of pants and then a person sits down etc this can cause stress. I'm not saying this occurred in your situation.


All phones can bend if unnatural stress is placed upon them.  


I'm assuming a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre have had hands on and provided the report that the phone has been bent which I again assume is causing the screen issue too.


Does the phone show signs of been bent i.e rocks when placed on a flat surface etc ?


May I assume it wasn't bent out of the box when you took ownership of the phone  ?


Yes people have encountered issues with the new firmware notably Android 10 which can also be attributed to what apps people are using i.e downloaded apps and sme are using apps via Apk files.


It can also be that people are downloading the firmware via a Custom Rom.


That said I'm not suggesting people are not experiencing issues from downloading the update via their phones software update section or Smartswitch.


Personally I've not had any issues on my Note 10+ 5G with the software or hardware.


If you feel the phone isn't bent then you could ask Samsung for a 2nd opinion.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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