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Poor quality S10+ LOW LIGHT VIDEO with artifacts (worst then my s7)

(Topic created on: 02-08-2022 04:35 PM)

Hi everyone.
I've tried last night to record a low light video and I first thought that it was a bug. The video is absolutely terrible. I mean not just noisy, there are some kind of compression artifacts all over the place. The video looks worst then on my S7. The artifacts give me the impression I’m looking at old footage filmed with a NOKIA N95.
I have tried with OPEN CAMERA and I have the same results, with more or less noise and more or less exposure per frame. I’ve rebooted the phone. I have reset the camera app. I literally thought this must be a bug. I still hope in the back of my mind that this is a BUG. This cannot be an actual result. I can record a demo clip in low light just for demoing.
Do you guys have the same problems when recording in low light?
Is there a cure for this illness?
Please comment guys.

First Poster

I have a Samsung galaxy s10, and I upgraded from a galaxy s7 as well.

all the daytime shots with lots of light are drastically better on the s10, but the low light shots, and even the shots in my house with lights turned on, the s7 has less noise, and does a better job focusing.