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Please bring back the tabs bar for the Samsung Internet Browser on my S10+ (Android 10)

(Topic created on: 17-09-2023 10:57 AM)

Hello everyone and happy Christmas Holidays!

Over Christmas the Android 10 update has been rolled out for my S10+ device (handicapped EU-version with the the Exynos-processor^^) around the 20-22th December. Shortly after, a new update for the Samsung Internet Browser App followed. 

I am a new Samsung customer. I brought my S10+ device in November (I came from an iPhone8). I was amazed by this device and, especially, by the amazing, clean, concise and super-fast Samsung Internet Browser.

Unfortunately, Samsung decided to remove the TABS-BAR (option) on top of the screen..! An outstanding design option that only one other internet browser offers, the Dolphin Browser (which su**s^^). 


PLEASE, bring back the tabulator-bar for the Samsung Internet-Browser!! It was amazing and it worked like a charme in combination with the full-screen view!! Please, please, please bring it back as an outstanding feature, that no other internet browser (for mobile phones) offered, and make me happy!

Thanks so much!

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Can you check just to see if that feature has been toggled Off @FrancaLG 


Launch Internet.

Press the 3 line icon on the bottom Rh corner.



Show Tabs Below Address Bar.


If it's not there then if this was my situation I'd send my feedback direct to the Samsung Developers via the Samsung Members App.


Right now I'm on Android 9 using the Samsung Internet Browser s10.02.00.53 so I still have this feature.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Hi BandOfBrothers,

thank you for your answer. I checked that, as you can see on my screenshot. 

Maybe on bigger android devices the tabs-bar is still set but not so on my 6.3'' S10+ (Android 10). 

Screenshot_20191228-150527_Samsung Internet.jpg


Just some days before Christmas and the app-update, everything worked fine. Even after the Android10 update, I think i still had my tabs-bar. Then the software/app-update came and removed it! I already sent my opinion to Samsung over the in-app feedback.


Of course, I looked for an alternative. Oh my god, I've tried 5-10 different browsers over the holidays, even "Vivaldi". I only found one with a tabs-bar included and I dislike the Dolphin-browser. The night-mode is too dark and the browser is not for everyone.


I need that tabs bar. :face-with-rolling-eyes: I don't like to have to push the "tab" button, on the bottom of the screen, to enter the menu-view.. You loose time by doing that (one extra click) and then you loose even more time by scrolling through the (stylish) tab-windows (in-app tab-menu).


If you use your mobile browser like me with 3-5 (frequently visited) always opened www-sites, the tabs bar is the best and fastest solution..  I can not understand why they changed it, as I just fell in love with it, shortly before they removed it.  This phone is soo huge, it has such a big screen and there is plenty of space for that tabs-bar. If you don't like it, you can just turn it on/off.

Thanks anyways


p.s.: Oh my.., maybe it is because of the Nova Launcher, I don't know 😞 

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I've just installed Samsung Internet Browser (beta) from Google Play. It's on this version. 


I've just switched to this so I have no idea if this version is stable or not - but so far so good. 

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How do I close open tabs

@k22361: Check the bottom of the screen, above your Navigation Bar, and you should see a toolbar that contains a square with a number in it (to signify how many tabs are currently open). Tap on this symbol, then tap the 'X' in the top right corner of any tabs you want to close. 

If you can't see the tabs button as described above, try scrolling up or down the webpage you're on until it appears, as the toolbar will be hidden.