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Pictures went missing from Camera Folder

(Topic created on: 31-01-2021 11:20 PM)
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Hey, yesterday I saw that all the pictures on my S10e had disappeared from my CameraFolder before 2021. They were very personal and important pictures from the last 2 years. In general, I know a bit about technology, but I'm overwhelmed here. I have tried the following things without success:

-Mobile phone restart

-Searched for image files under My own files

-Checked the Trash in the Gallery

-Tried ThirdParty Apps (DiskDigger). Went through 16,000 files. Negative.

-Called the support (completely useless ...)

-I don't have a SD Card

-Google Drive / Pictures doesn't have the pictures

-I only had 5GB on OneDrive. So of course my smart phone uploaded the huge but unnecessary WhatsApp folder first. So the files aren't there either. Also not in the One Drive recycle bin. Actually I noticed something suspicious. About 30 days ago it seemed like ALL of my pictures were moved into the OneDrive Trash. Of course I can't find the Camera Folder there because the WhatsApp Folder took all the storage. 

-I connected the phone to my Laptop and tried to find the files there. Negative. 

Why is this happening? I've heard of this problem before (only with Samsung Devices), but I haven't found a solution yet. I hope someone can help me here, I would be infinitely grateful to this person.

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I'm going to follow this thread because this has happened to me as well. Twice within 5 months. I've did all the steps you tried and nothing. I just don't get it. I also purchased more space just in case it was that. Again, nothing. Just ridiculous. I've read lots of threads where this is a common problem and can't find any information. 

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I've had same problem today took a picture looked in camera gallery and yesterday's pictures weren't there. I give up its happened twice.