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One UI 3 is 💩💩💩

(Topic created on: 04-02-2021 11:19 PM)
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Do not update it has turned a perfectly happy Samsung user into someone who is considering going back to 🍏 after leveing them at the iPhone 5 stage.  

The notification and quick settings panel take over the whole screen 

The edge panel now takes over the whole screen 

Calls and messages look 💩

Basicly it's ruined a perfectly good S10 edge 

Looks like I'll have to "void warranty " and flash the last firmware back.

May as well root it while I'm at it now that Samsung have screwed the pooch on One UI3
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My quick panel is pretty much the same on Android 11 as it was on Android 10. One pull down reveals the top row of toggles with notifications underneath and another pull down opens up the whole panel.


Screenshot_20210205-051618_One UI Home.jpg

Screenshot_20210205-051629_One UI Home.jpg

or am I looking at the wrong section your describing @bigifa 

This is my edge panel which is the same as before.

Screenshot_20210205-051802_One UI Home.jpg

The only aspect I'm not keen on with the new Samsung Messages app is that when a person sends me an emoticon i.e 😎 it's a tad too large even if you pinch in on the screen.

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