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Many (!!!) bugs in OneUI 3.0 full release

(Topic created on: 21-01-2021 01:06 PM)

I installed OneUI 3.0 when it released for my S10 (Germany, no SIM-lock) a couple of days ago (no beta!).

So far, I found several bugs, at least one is a CRITICAL SECURITY FLAW, missing features and removals of options for no good reason.

These problems must get fixed immediately! When someone buys a phone for over 1000€ and has two wait additional months after the release of stock Android, one should not have to deal with those bugs and incomprehensible decisions!


Here is my list of bugs I found so far:

- Although specifically stated in the developer options to connect in charge-only mode, the phone always gets connected in file transfer mode when connecting to PC. As soon as you unlock it, the system has full access of the phone until you change it manually in the USB settings


- You can't create ".noMedia" files anymore to prevent certain folders from showing up in the gallery / preventing the system from recognizing those files as media files. Even creating them with a PC doesn't work, as the system automatically deletes them


- For NO GOOD REASON, you can't set the notification widgets to the grid you liked. It is 4x3 and everyone who used something else has to rework his layout


- Although rotation lock is activated to lock the screen in portrait mode, when watching videos in widescreen, the app switcher opens in widescreen mode and this can't be changed via a setting


- Android 11 features a new power menu, which amongst other things, contains the new easter-egg. The power menu is just completely missing in OneUI 3.0. This is the least important problem, but it still bothers me as OneUI 3.0 should (when RELEASED) contain all Android 11 features, not just some of them


Please hand these problems to the dev team so they can get fixed asap

I've had a bug where my S20+ has unlocked with a strangers thumb occur, another very concerning security issue.

I also have a bug with all 3rd party social media apps showing a chunk of my gallery above all recent photos. This has been present since the beta, I'm going to try erasing my photo library and redownloading it and hopefully that works.

Also totally agree about the power menu, it would be great to see Google Pay and Samsung Pay shortcuts/ widgets/ sections in the power menu, like with stock android.

I wipe the cache partition many times already but still not fixing my issues at all. Even though my phone dont have any suspicious apps at all I only have essential apps like banking and only Facebook as social media which I havent logged on to my account yet and I tweak all the setting and background features that I dont use to max out my battery life to the most

Here are my issues

- Overheating and heavy fps drop on all games that I usually plays without lagging, fps drop and overheating before the update. It used to be very smooth and no lag, no overheating on those games.

- Battery draining 10% faster without reasons.

Personal observations. Before the update, charging the phone 100% and unplug the charging cable and lock the phone not doing anything the battery would decrease to 99% in about close to 10 minutes. But the after the update it goes to 99% with only just 3 minutes.

I heard that Samsung has halted the update on 21 January but I got the update on 20 January. If they came out and reported the bugs in the major update sooner, I wouldnt have updated it until they release the fix. Now I can only wait for the fix but when? because normally Samsung would release the update on each device like once a 2 months. Hope that they release the hot fix for this issue sooner than another 2 months from now.

as someone who had the update I can confirm it's awful. device runs very hot. battery drain is bad, need to charge it twice a day to keep it going. has become very slow and buggy. camera blur has occurred.. be glad if u haven't upgraded!

I am not sure if this is a bug or whether it is just part of the new ui 3.0. Previously when you using a music player like spotify, soundcloud etc. when you minimise the programme the logo for the app shows at the top of the notification bar and of course there's either a dot or a number on the icon on the main screen. Pulling the notification bar down then shows you more details.

Since updating to 3.0 both are no longer present (only for music apps)! It is really frustrating. From the screenshot below you can see there is no way of telling that i am actually using spotify!

Screenshot_20210205-131503_One UI Home.jpg


For clarity here are better screenshots.

Screenshot one you can see the audible icon is in the status bar (where time etc is) but it doesn't do the same for Spotify, SoundCloud etc.

Screenshot_20210205-144430_One UI Home.jpg

In have to pull down the status bar tray to see the app is active. If I don't do that I wouldn't know that Spotify was playing. Never used to be like that!

Screenshot_20210205-144500_One UI Home.jpg


I have been waiting for the patch update for 2 weeks now and I have checked Sammobile for the list of the country that already have the patch. I saw that everyday they Samsung release firmware for S10+ for 5 countries a day but in the South East Asia, most country or all of them already got the release except my country which Thailand. I dont know what is happening or is it just the technician in my country is being lazy and incompetence.


The problem I am facing with the new Android 11 / OneUI 3 on my Samsung s10 plus is when I edit photos then transfer them to my desktop the photo files won't open, they only open if I transfer unedited photos from my phone to my desktop which is weird?

Why does editing them on the Samsung photo editor app make such a difference, they still appear as jpeg images?? 

First Poster

For me it feels like I am beta testing the phone. This is completely unacceptable! Here's what I found (with newest updates installed):

-I can confirm that the bug with the charge-only mode still persists!

-You can't increase the lock screen timeout. It always times out after 5 seconds, even though "auto lock when screen turns off" is set to another value.

-Notifications are delayed sometimes or are only triggered if you unlock the phone.

-Some notifications show up on the lock screen, then when the phone gets unlocked the same notifications pop up again with another time stamp.

-When "Notifications to show" (lock screen) is set to "alert notifications only", some alert notifications dont show up.

-Sometimes notifications don't show as a pop up, when "show as pop-up" is enabled or they don't trigger vibration or ringtone.

-When all Whatsapp notifications are disabled, the call notifications still ring when you receive a call, without showing a notification. This "ghost notifications" happen for other apps as well, even if silent mode is activated!

-Some notifications are still in the notification panel after opening the app by clicking on them in the moment they pop up.

-The system sometimes makes me select my default apps, when the selection was already made.

-Samsung Pass asks to save login data over and over again, when it was already denied by setting "never"!

-When all system sounds are disabled and the volume of the system sounds' slider is all the way down, there is still this annoying sound when switching from silent to ring mode.

-The font in widgets is painfully small!

-When you boot into safe mode and then boot to normal mode again the flight mode is still enabled and the keyboard is still set to "Samsung keyboard", even though the two options were set to something different before.