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Is there any way to move the pull down bar? - Instead of it being a pull down only option

(Topic created on: 01-10-2020 03:12 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

So my phone is now smashed from the top left hand corner, screen side, meaning the pull down navigation bar is a total waste of time. 

I can only access my notifications through the lockscreen
I can no longer type into google, instead only ask google directly to search for something

The screen rotate is apparently on but not longer actually wants to rotate at all.


Sure this is annoying as all hell but I cannot even restart my phone or turn on the light without going through my settings, searching for it and hoping that the search function will actually allow me to select the option its given.



is there any way to move the navigation bar at the top of the screen, that you normally pull down, so that its no longer only responding to a pull down function - I believe previous devices have allowed this but I cannot find this anywhere

Galaxy S10 Series

@LT111: You could try swiping up from your Home screen to access the Apps menu, type Quick Panel in the search function at the top of the screen and select 'Go To App'. Alternatively, go to Apps > Settings > Rotate the phone to landscape > Swipe downwards once so the clock briefly appears, then swipe down again to access the Quick Panel. If either of the steps above are successful, tap on the words 'Auto Rotate' to access the settings, and toggle on 'Home Screen' so you can rotate the home screen to landscape. This should provide a workaround, however ideally you should look to arrange for the device to be repaired via our Help Desk. To get in touch, please follow the link below.