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(Topic created on: 20-09-2020 11:00 PM)
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So this has been brought up in a couple past threads I found, not only this year but in past years, and still seems to have no sign of a solution apart from 3rd party applications which I shouldn’t need to rely on.


I have just switched over from iPhone 6S to a Galaxy S10, and everything’s been going great.... until tonight.


Due to sleep issues, executive function challenges as well as poor memory, I usually need about 7-10 alarms every morning to help me wake up and stay on schedule. My shifts at work also are not regular, and can change week by week, day by day. Alarms are very important to keeping me on task and reminding me of what time I start, and having all of them already set, and easily able to be switched off and on whenever they are needed has genuinely kept my life schedule in check for years.


On my iPhone I have never come across any max alarm limit, but now having transferred over to this new phone, I have now actually COMPLETELY MISSED an entire online shift of contracted work.... because the work is an evening shift, and all of my alarms from after midday could not be copied over as the 50 alarm cap had been reached.


I am super happy with my Samsung as compared to my iPhone, but an alarm cap is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever heard and has actually kind of screwed me and my work over tonight. I will have to explain the situation to my manager tomorrow morning as to why not only did I not work as I was contracted to do so, but why tomorrow’s person will now have to deal with all the work that will carry over from my lack of presence tonight.


Please please PLEASE Samsung, patch this and remove/greatly increase the limit. Why is there a limit? It’s the simplest thing, and as others in discussions have mentioned, the programming wouldn’t be that difficult to implement, the whole google assistant hands free thing is rendered pointless when it reaches the cap and the person has to manually set/delete alarms anyway, your devices allow for SD cards so if it’s a storage thing then just have the alarms able to be set between on-device storage or SD card.....


Id rather not have to maintain the use of two phones at the same time, as that would make my life genuinely more difficult, and things like these alarms genuinely help to keep me functioning to neuro-typical expectations , so please can this be changed.