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How to save power on your phone

(Topic created on: 28-04-2020 04:55 PM)
Samsung Pro

At the beginning of every day, it is not always easy to tell how long it is going to be before you're back home.


That's why you can activate different power saving modes on your Galaxy S10, in order to keep using your phone until you're ready to recharge it.


Different modes impact settings like screen brightness, background data usage, and CPU power, and you can customise which features are limited to get the most out of your battery.


When you turn on power saving, the default mode will be "Medium".


Let's learn how to do it.


  1. Drop down the top menu, and select Power Mode
  2. Simply click Apply to dim your display, turn off Always On Display, and stop background apps from using data
  • Instead of selecting Apply, you can choose which features turn off, how much brightness will be lowered, which screen resolution to use, and whether or not to decrease the computing power of the CPU.

Every setting affects battery life extension, so make sure to try them out, to find the more suitable configuration for you.


If 1% battery caught you by surprise, fear not, because you can always turn on Maximum Power Saving Mode.


  1. Drop down the top menu
  2. Select and hold Power Mode
  3. Select Maximum Saving Mode
  4. Select Apply

This will disable some functions and darken the screen, but it will still allow you to call, text, and use certain apps, while noticeably extending your battery life.


See below how it's done!



Very useful, @Cosimo_dsc! Thanks for that!